• Keep it cool man<span> we are only relaxing......</span>

    Keep it cool man we are only relaxing......

  • <span>What is the Name</span> of this Game ?

    What is the Name of this Game ?

  • <span><strong>2012</strong>  Fabelachtige testrit  </span> in Marokko !

    2012 Fabelachtige testrit in Marokko !

  • <span><strong>Looking</strong> for me ?</span>

    Looking for me ?

  • <span>Did I tell you about </span>African Roads ?

    Did I tell you about African Roads ?

  • <span>Road to</span> Heaven

    Road to Heaven

  • <span>All alone in</span> a wonderful desert

    All alone in a wonderful desert


For whom is this intended for?

The idea behind all efforts to achieve this twisted website is purely to inform the home front. I myself have always had a bit of an aversion to personal websites or blogs. Call it a healthy aversion to the emerging selfishness of modern society. Nowadays one can find themselves so important and interesting that everyone should know where they are or have been doing. Continuously getting informed through The Twitter's, Facebooks and What's up's are now so grown into day by day life that I wonder whether people are still interested in the welfare of each other.